Residential Roofing

Usually an average residential roofing system is replaced or repaired in as little as 10 years. Choosing the right roofing system for your home from the start is very important in order to minimize the long-term costs, as well as the environmental damage caused by needing to re-roof over in near future. Choosing the correct material to roof your home can lower your energy costs, while increasing your homes curb appeal. Don’t forget that your roof is your first line of defense against the weather elements. Therefore, selecting a roof system that is strong and won’t fail in extreme Chicago weather conditions is very important.

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Residential roofing job in Chicago

Residential roofing job in Chicago

   Few terms that you should know before hiring residential roofing contractor.

  Re-roofing is the procedure of installing a new roof when a roofing system fails.   Roofing system disasters can be triggered by a number of issues, severe weather, including age, poor workmanship, defective materials, improper specification of the roof, abuse and lack of the proper maintenance.

  Repair is a process where an existing roofing system has additions and adjustments made to it, such as caulking, re-roofing and repairing penetration to fix leaks in the roofing system.

Maintenance involves the physical inspection of an existing roofing system to determine its current condition, notice flaws and failures and identify any potential future crises. Early detection of leaks and other roof system failures make it possible for the contractor to repair and extend the life of a roof system, which is significantly less expensive and time consuming than re-roofing.
Roofing inspection is a service providing a baseline examination of an existing roof condition.

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Different roofing materials have distinctive advantages and shortcomings. Some are cheaper than others in initial cost of installation. Another type maybe easier to maintain or will last longer. As always your choice can be affected by your goals, financial situation or personal sense of beauty.

Composite shingles are a reasonable choice for your home in the short term. But the need to re-roof over time can make this an expensive choice over long period.

Clay tile and slate look beautiful and can provide your home with a classic appearance. The original expense and fragility of this product can make this choice more expensive than just the initial investment.

Wood shingle and shake will give your home a warm natural look. With the product being manufactured today out of inferior wood, it is more vulnerable to becoming brittle and shrinking than the wood shingles and shakes of years ago.

Metal roofing can provide your home with the look of any other common roofing material. The original cost of installing this kind of roof on your home is fast realized as an asset, as this product eliminates the necessity for future re-roofing and maintenance. In addition, new metal roofing systems preserve their appearance and color for decades.

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